Time For The Truth About IsraeHell To Be Known !

January 8, 2009


Time To Tell The Truth About

Israel …Without Fear

Of The Mind Police

The Thought Censors Don’t

Like It? Tough



An Inconvenient Historical Truth

December 23, 2008


Adolf Hitler

 You have been programmed to see Hitler as the essence of

all that is evil. The first casualty of war is the truth, and to

the victor gos the spoils. Examine some facts and think

for yourselves.



















Had Germany won WWII surely he
would be viewed of quite differently
Now some of you are probably gasping in horror

about this post. That is your bias and brainwashing

 kicking in. From an early age the state teaches you

 what to think and detest all that does not go along
with their  politically correct “good think”.




 I am trying to open your eyes and

 teach you that not everything is what it
appears. Question everything and follow
 nothing blindly. Now let’s look at some
people the state schools and media teach
kids  to worship.



Dwight D. Eisenhower

None ever hesitate to bring up the “Holocaust” in

their demonization of Hitler. But Allied leaders

were not exactly innocent valient heros. How

can we villify Hitler regarding a “Holocaust” that

results in imprisonment for those who research

it  and find otherwise. But coverup the post war

ethnic cleansing of Germans ?

Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter

 Of 1.7 Million Germans


Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi
Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but
 personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and
one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.
The book, OTHER LOSSES, found its way into the hands of a Canadian
news reporter, Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN. He did his
 own research through contacts he had in Canada, and reported in
his column on September 12,1989 the following, in part:
“…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was
a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more
Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater.” 


In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S.

Prison Guard Remembers

Martin Brech

In late March or early April 1945, I was sent to guard a POW camp

 near Andernach along the Rhine. I had four years of high school

German, so I was able to talk to the prisoners, although this was

forbidden. Gradually, however, I was used as an interpreter and

asked to ferret out members of the S.S. (I found none.)


In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an

open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in a

separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded

had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats. They slept in the

 mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement. It

was a cold, wet spring, and their misery from exposure alone

was evident.


When I threw this food over the barbed wire to the prisoners, I was

caught and threatened with imprisonment. I repeated the “offense,”

and one officer angrily threatened to shoot me. I assumed this was

a bluff until I encountered a captain on a hill above the Rhine shooting

down at a group of German civilian women with his .45 caliber

 pistol. When I asked, “Why?,” he mumbled, “Target practice,” and

fired until his pistol was empty. I saw the women running for

cover, but, at that distance, couldn’t tell if any had been hit.


These prisoners, I found out, were mostly farmers and workingmen,

as simple and ignorant as many of our own troops. As time went on,

more of them lapsed into a zombie-like state of listlessness, while

 others tried to escape in a demented or suicidal fashion, running

through open fields in broad daylight towards the Rhine to quench

their thirst. They were mowed down.






 Winston Churchill

Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”?

T Stokes – December 14, 2008
Churchill condoned the Soviet rape squads sent into Germany
at the wars end and helped Stalin hide the Soviet Katyn Forest
murders, like Stalin, blaming the Germans for the crime.
The papers reveal that Churchill joked about the huge
bombing raids ondefenceless German dormitory towns.

Sir Anthony Blunt said that as the war was closing, Churchill

did not want to feed or house large numbers of German

refugees, and preferred them burnt  in their homes.

Also mentioned is Churchill’s wish to murder Ghandi, who
was against the violence of the war.
Strangely, in view of the current depiction of the Holocaust
 by Hollywood, the papers make no mention of the plight of
the Jewish people held by Germany.

To the victors of war go the spoils. Communism

and Zionism were the big political winners

of WWII. So their “truths”are accepted as

“facts”.  The ” Holocaust” and the Soviet

Union as liberators are two of the most

blatant lies to emerge from WWII. Had

the “Holocaust” really happened as it

is said, then why the imprisonement

of questioners ? Truth does not fear

investigation, unless it is built upon

lies. And the “Holocaust” is the foundation

in which Israel was founded. So no

questioning can be allowed !




Why is it that people have sympathies for Communists

who killed over 100 million, while condeming Germany

for 6-12 million ?

BACKGROUND: 100 million deaths under communism

Why is it that some deaths are viewed as tragic

and others just irrelevent statistics ?


How can Hitler be condemned as the essence of

evil, when the Allies were far from innocent ?

 There is no simple minded world of ultimate good

guys and the essence of evil bad guys. No matter how

 much the babbling propagandist tries to convince

you. Question everything they tell you. 

The Assassination Of George S. Patton

December 22, 2008

 Pattons patriotism and heroeism was rewarded by

assassination. After the war he became a liability to

those in power. And to them,any nail that stands up

must be hammered down. What a way to repay one

of Americas greatest patriots and hereoes.


The newly unearthed diaries of a colourful assassin for

the wartime Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the

forerunner of the CIA, reveal that American spy

chiefs wanted Patton dead because he was threatening

to expose allied collusion with the Russians that

cost American lives.


The death of General Patton in December 1945, is one of

the enduring mysteries of the war era. Although he had

suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Manheim, he

was thought to be recovering and was on the verge

of flying home.


But after a decade-long investigation, military historian

 Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General “Wild Bill”

Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called

Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the

 nickname “Old Blood and Guts”.


His book, “Target Patton”, contains interviews with Mr

Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries,

detailing how he staged the car crash by getting a troop

truck to plough into Patton’s Cadillac and then shot the

general with a low-velocity projectile, which broke his

neck while his fellow passengers escaped without

a scratch.


Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to

recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind

eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of the

KGB, poisoned the general.


Was Patton Murdered ?

There is a real possibility that Patton was assassinated. As

 far as the official story goes, who really knows how true

it  was. You can be sure there were a few deaths that had

to be reinvented or altered, because of ‘inconvenient’

circumstances. The real question is, why would you

assassinate a four star general?



Patton was repulsed by what he knew Americas  wartime

leadership was responsible for .

 Eisenhowers death camps

The first edition of this controversial book, Other Losses, caused

an international scandal in 1989 by revealing that almost 1.7 million

German prisoners of war died of starvation and for the lack of basic

human necessities in American and French death camps after

World War II. Millions of German survivors were appalled and

turned the book into an international best seller, while the U.S.

and the French governments attacked Bacque for

exaggeration. None, however, could explain the mass deaths

of these German ex-combatants. This extended edition of Other

Losses presents all the relevant new material on the deaths plus

new evidence of the suppression of truth by academics, the

 press and governments of the West. A real historical

blockbuster that will make you cringe at the treatment

 received by prisoners supposedly protected by the

Geneva Convention. #127


In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an

 open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in

 a separate enclosure I did not see until later. The men I guarded

had no shelter and no blankets; many had no coats. They slept

in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for

excrement. It was a cold, wet spring and their misery from

exposure alone was evident. Even more shocking was to see

the prisoners throwing grass and weeds into a tin can containing

a thin soup. They told me they did this to help ease their hunger

pains. Quickly, they grew emaciated. Dysentery raged, and soon

 they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded

to reach the slit trenches. Many were begging for food, sickening

 and dying before our eyes. We had ample food and supplies, but

 did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance.


The Soviet Union alone was the

 victor of WW II due to a

sympathetic U.S. government


On May 7, 1945, just before the German capitulation,

Patton had a conference in Austria with U.S. Secretary

of War Robert Patterson. Patton was gravely concerned

over the Soviet failure to respect the demarcation lines

 separating the Soviet and American occupation

zones. He was also alarmed by plans in Washington

for the immediate partial demobilization of the

U.S. Army.

Patton said to Patterson: “Let’s keep our boots polished,

bayonets sharpened, and present a picture of force and

 strength to the Red Army. This is the only language

they understand and respect.”


Patterson replied, “Oh, George, you have been so close

to this thing so long, you have lost sight of the big picture.”

Patton rejoined: “I understand the situation. Their (the

 Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in

 a serious action such as I could put to them. They have

chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their

supply system. They could probably maintain

  themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for

five days. After that it would make no difference how

 many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow

I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming

down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain

themselves going back. Let’s not give them time to build

up their supplies.


Think about it. The U.S. supposedly fought to liberate Europe,

but in the end, half of Europe was under Communist oppression.

 Who really won WWII ?

The murder suspects


Who Are The Suspects In The Death of General

 Patton?The Russians were in great dread of Patton,

wondering whether he would continue to wage war and

cross through their lines. They remained on “alert status”

until his death. Patton wrote to his wife and others that

when he returned to the US he was planning to retire

 from the Army and try his hand a politics as a

Republican. No doubt he would have reported the Russian

kidnapping of 25,000 American troops, and would have taken

 action. The full story of these lost men only started to emerge

 in the 1970s, and has been documented since the fall of

the USSR.



Militant Zionists: Although nowadays we see the Israelis

 most often as victims of terrorism, there were Israeli terrorists

 in those days who agitated for a homeland. Patton was in 1945

 their most powerful enemy in the Allied camp, by virtue of the

 respect he had in the US and abroad. The Jewish people had

 faced horrible atrocities in the war, and claimed to be a nation

 without a homeland. Patton argued that the Jewish people

hadn’t been a country for two thousand years and were no

longer a nationality, but a religion. This view was extremely

unpopular in Washington as well.




Enemies at Home: Supreme Commander Dwight D.

 Eisenhower was about to lose his job to Patton, after the war

 was officially declared over.  Eisenhower would become

President of the US in the 50s, which would lead to the opening

of the Cold War, the Korean Conflict, and Vietnam.

Eisenhower, the O.S.S. (early CIA), and the Truman

administration all saw Patton as an adversary