Henry Kissinger Calls For Lapdog Obama To Create A NWO On CNBC

January 8, 2009

America Does This Look Like Change ?

December 18, 2008


  America you’ve been suckered again. I know you had enough

of Republicans after little Georgies presidency. But do you think

that the wonder boy Obama will change anything ? Democrats

promised you change in 2006 and where is it ? America is

still in Iraq, weren’t the Dems vowing to pull out the troops

and end the war ! The longer you fall for the bias that most

Americans have, “Republicans rule and Democrats suck”, and

vice versa. Nothing changes and nothing ever will. It goes

back and forth, “It’s all the Liberals fault”,” No, it’s the

Republicans”.  Wake up sheeple ! They do not care about

either of you. You are fighting and bickering over two

sides of the same coin. Let’s look at Obamas appointments

and how his “change” is more of the same –


 Doesn’t matter who you vote for as it’s an illusionary process

to make you think you have a say. Both of the major partys are

owned . Had McCain won it wouldn’t have made any differance.