The Police State Progresses-Now They Want To Spy On Your PC

January 8, 2009


Police look to hack citizens’

home PCs

 ‘Very intrusive powers – as intrusive

 as someone busting down your door’

© 2009 WorldNetDaily


Police and state intelligence agencies from several

countries may soon be  working together to secretly

hack into private citizens’ personal computers

without their knowledge and without a warrant. 



According to a London Times report, the police

hacking process, called “remote searching,” enables

law enforcement to gather information from e-mails,

 instant messages and Web browsers, even while

 hundreds of  miles away.


Furthermore, the Times reports, a new edict by the

 European Union’s council of ministers in Brussels

has paved the way for international law enforcement

agencies to begin remote searching and sharing the

information with each other. According to the

Times, the United Kingdom’s Home Office, the nation’s

lead government department for immigration, drugs

and counter-terrorism  enforcement, has already

 quietly adopted a plan that would enable French,

German and other European Union police forces to

 request remote searching  be done on UK citizens’


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