Henry Kissinger Calls For Lapdog Obama To Create A NWO On CNBC

January 8, 2009

Why The Elites Want To Dumb Citizens Down

December 28, 2008

Economic Collapse Will Lead To Martial Law

December 17, 2008



It’s time to wake up ! It’s time to quit being sheeple ! There are

forces that want the America you know dead. And they aren’t

Muslim terrorists either. Once this economy collapses they

plan on making their move. Are you ready to resist and fight

for your way of life and a free future ? Or are you ready to

surrender and live without even a hint of freedom

under the NWO ?


 They have been planning to implement this for a long time.



 And for all the naysayers who think this is conspiracy tin foil

hat nonsense. A wake up call is in order, why are they planning

to deploy the U.S. military domestically  –




 You say this cannot happen ? How many of you said the same

about this economy collapsing ? The signs are all around

you ! pay attention to what you observe around you. And not

 to the compromised mainstream media.


 IMF warns of economic riots, police ready for

 civil unrest Paulson discussed worst-case

scenario at bailout meeting – declare martial law