The Elite View People As Nothing But Livestock

Photo art by David Dees @

Photo art by David Dees @

We do not live in enlightened times. For every social cause the Elites

tell us we should care about has an ulterior motive. The reality behind

every social and political cause is distraction for you and more control

for them. The Elites want to keep you busy worrying about everything

but the way you are being ruled over.  That is why they keep you as

busy as they can. Be it working nonstop to get ahead only to fall

further behind while enriching them, instilling in the populace a

need to get involved in the latest cause celeb, or inspiring nonstop

fear propaganda. The Elite masters never want you to discover the

truth. They seek to keep you busy and distracted, they seek to

keep you ignorant and obedient sheep. Ever wonder why they

call workers a human resource ? To them you are cattle !

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