David Icke On The Global Conspiracy

December 15, 2008

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The State Views Your Children As Their Property

December 15, 2008

When you have a family with beautiful children you view them as

your pride and joy. But you are wrong according to the state. The

state sees them as their property and not yours. We live in an age

where loving parents can have their children yanked out of the

home for any reason the state sees fit.  Without even the slightest

evidence of abuse or neglect. How can this be in a free country

in which you have right to be left alone in your persuit of

happiness ? There is no freedom, it is a lie they teach us to

pacify us . In reality the state dictates they  and not you are

your childs parent. It has come to the point where the state not

only wants possession of your childrens physical body, but

their minds as well.  Because the state views the populace as

their property and their livestock. But sadly too many believe

the propaganda they were indoctrinated with from an early

age. Too many believe the lies their government and media tell

them today. The people will  never be free until they realize

they are enslaved.

This is how the global Elite (NWO) views your family !

Has your child been CAFed?  How the Government

plans to record intimate information on every child

in Britain –


This is child protection? State child protective services

agencies continually yank children out of good, loving

homes, based on flimsy allegations of child abuse–because

they can.


The Elite View People As Nothing But Livestock

December 15, 2008
Photo art by David Dees @ deesillustration.com

Photo art by David Dees @ deesillustration.com

We do not live in enlightened times. For every social cause the Elites

tell us we should care about has an ulterior motive. The reality behind

every social and political cause is distraction for you and more control

for them. The Elites want to keep you busy worrying about everything

but the way you are being ruled over.  That is why they keep you as

busy as they can. Be it working nonstop to get ahead only to fall

further behind while enriching them, instilling in the populace a

need to get involved in the latest cause celeb, or inspiring nonstop

fear propaganda. The Elite masters never want you to discover the

truth. They seek to keep you busy and distracted, they seek to

keep you ignorant and obedient sheep. Ever wonder why they

call workers a human resource ? To them you are cattle !